Match Report
The King's School, Worcester Girls-U12A vs  Princethorpe College
On: Saturday, 14 Oct 2023
Venue: Away

To start with we did some lovely passes and managed to sneak the ball in the D and Elsie had a shot on goal and Poppy G was able to hit it in in the last second. Erin brought the ball past several players and hit into Ella and took a shot and scored. In the second half we unfortunately gave away a short corner and they managed to score but we kept our heads high ind wanted more. From a long corner Arya passed to Elsie and she went down the wing and had a lovely shot on goal and scored! We then had a short corner and Erin pushed the ball out to Elsie she took a flick at top corner but unfortunately they managed to save it. At the last bit of the game Robyn took the ball wide and fought for the ball and got it to Erin who was at the top of the D and whacked it into bottom right. The whistle blew and it was 4-1 to kings! Well done everyone!