Match Report
The King's School, Worcester Girls-U13A vs  Bromsgrove School
On: Friday, 31 Aug 2018
Venue: Away

This was a friendly preseason tournament with no scores kept.

Our first match was against the U12 Bromsgrove team. The opposition started off with the ball. After the first half the score was close, giving either team chance to win the game. At the start of the second half, Amelia Lees pushed the ball back to Abbie Diaz who passed it out wide to be taken up to the goal.

The second match was against Bromsgrove U13. We had the first push back where our forward passed it back to defence, who saw the wide space and drove up the side of the pitch to pass the ball to the free player in the D. It was a very close game.

We came onto the pitch determined to finish with another good performance. We started the match positively and scored goals in the first half. This gave us a good start and confidence to link up play and in the second half we scored another goal.

Player of the tournament was Rosie Stone

Match report written by the team.